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General Questions

What exactly is PhotoFunia?
PhotoFunia is an innovative online picture editing tool that let’s you produce animated and fun images instantly with ease, using your own photos and a bit of imagination and silliness! Even if you don’t have a picture at hand, there are many text effects that you can have fun with.
Using PhotoFunia, is it difficult?
No. Using PhotoFunia is nice and easy. Simply browse through the category effects, or use the search field by typing in a keyword and depending what sort of mood you're in, select your desired effect, follow the steps to upload your photo, sit back relax and prepare to be dazzled!
Does it cost anything to use PhotoFunia?
PhotoFunia was, is and will always remain FREE for everyone so enjoy it until your hearts content.
Where are my photos being uploaded to and what happens to them?
After you upload your picture on PhotoFunia, all the magic happens on our servers remotely. We take your privacy very seriously and nobody but you has access to uploaded images which remain active only for a few hours are removed automatically.
I want new effects! When are you going to add more?
New effects are being added every week so be sure to keep checking back!
I have a great idea for new effect. What shall I do?
If you think you have a fantastic effect idea and would like to share it with us, please contact us ! We always appreciate creative ideas and you never know, one day you might see your effect come to life on PhotoFunia!
Do you have a mobile version of the website?
We do indeed, not one but two of them. One that works on browsers of modern mobiles and tablets https://m.photofunia.com and other that works on feature phones (java-based) https://basic.photofunia.com . Also, our main website is adaptive and fits any screen so take your pick!
Why isn’t PhotoFunia available in Klingon? I’m in Klingon and I would like to help you translate!
Sounds great! We are always looking for native speakers to help with translation. If you are happy to help please contact us ! Qapla'!
I love PhotoFunia! How can I help?
PhotoFunia is a big project and we could always use some help or input from our loyal users. Even if it’s just to help with translation, new effect or provide constructive comment, we welcome your feedback !

All about Apps

I want to use PhotoFunia on my mobile, do you have an app?
We certainly do. Our goal to make PhotoFunia accessible to everyone, no matter what mobile device they are using. Currently we have apps for the following platforms We are constantly striving to add apps to new and emerging platforms. If your device is not supported, please drop us a line and we will see if we can sort it out.
Why do you need internet connection? I would like to use the app offline.
Think of PhotoFunia as Facebook or Wikipedia, you do need an internet connection to read latest news of your friends or to find out the speed at which particles are colliding in Large Hadron Collider . PhotoFunia is an ever-growing online library of photo effects and uses it's remote servers to do all the hard work of image manipulation. This enables us to continuously introduce new effects without ever having to update actual app and being limited with processing power of the mobile device. Besides, having hundreds of effects offline would take gigabytes of free space on your device.
I could not find the app for my phone, how do I know if you support it?
Technology is rapidly changing at all times! Every year new devices are being introduced, while others are dying out, failing to impress the consumer. Similarly, PhotoFunia is an ever evolving project where we aim to be at the cutting-edge of technological progress, by releasing apps on the most popular devices at times even before they’re launched. Unfortunately, while we do our best, it is not always possible to support every single device out there. However, we do offer number of mobile versions of our website, for all sorts of mobile devices.
Some pictures come out blurry, is it something I did?
Your pictures could appear blurry when using cellular (4G, 3G, EDGE or GPS) networks. Mobile network operators often compress images sent over their network before delivering them on to your device. This helps them to decrease the amount of traffic transferred and as a result save money. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about. We recommend using WiFi where possible at all times to ensure high quality pictures.

Having problems with the effects?

PhotoFunia says it could not detect a face, but it is definitely there!
Face detection is performed by tiny special robots and while they are clever little things they are still learning and may at times find it difficult to detect dark or very bright photos or pictures with faces turned. However, they do a superb job with well lit faces at lighting fast speeds! Just think of your passport picture.
It says that my image is in the wrong file format
We support all major image formats including jpg, png and gif. Please ensure that your picture is in one of the supported format.

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